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Rob Coile

Rob Coile, Project Manager at SRM (Strategic Resource Management), has 30+ years of experience working with financial institutions and fintech providers on program implementation, technology selection, and revenue growth. Coil has managed projects for Fiserv and also served as COO and CFO at two community bank operations. Coil also holds a graduate degree in Banking from Louisiana State University, and attended the University of Georgia for his bachelors in Finance.

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Digital Banking Dispatches from the Beach | On Shoring Up Your Virtual Identity

Posted by Rob Coile on Jun 6, 2021 9:15:00 AM


It’s not surprising commerce continues to migrate to digital channels across all sectors and that the pandemic has pushed further the already speedy digital banking trend. In the FI world, consumers rely on their bank or credit union’s virtual branch to navigate real-life decisions.

A recent family trip to Florida’s gulf coast reminded me of how much importance customers put into “What it says on the website.” We visited an area decimated by Hurricane Michael the year prior; although it remains a beautiful destination, the storm’s impact was still evident. Some businesses only had websites left standing, as we soon came to learn.

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Topics: Digital Banking, Vendor management, Process Optimization

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