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Are the Battleships Sailing Toward New Targets?

Posted by Michael Carter on Oct 25, 2020 9:00:00 AM

Are the Battleships Sailing Toward New Targets?

The banking industry’s biggest service providers, sometimes referred to as “battleships,”  have grown largely  through acquisitions. When market demand moves toward a new channel for delivering financial services (e.g., smartphones) or potential for a replacement solution opens up a new market tier (e.g., digital banking among regionals), these “battleships” acquire other entities to keep pace and/or unlock a new opportunity for revenue growth. Often, they wait for an upstart to gain some market traction then give its investors an exit strategy worth multiples of their initial stake.

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How the 2020 Election Will Impact 2021 Payments Strategies

Posted by Myron Schwarcz on Oct 13, 2020 9:00:00 AM

How the 2020 Election Will Impact 2021 Payments Strategies

Let’s begin by stating the obvious: this will not be a normal election season. As it has for so many aspects of everyday life, COVID has radically altered the basics of voting- from a huge uptick in advance and absentee ballots to the near-elimination of traditional campaign rallies.

We know that markets hate uncertainty – and that’s one thing in ample supply these days. Uncertainty creates hesitancy to invest in initiatives that could be upended based on the election outcome. This is especially problematic in our current environment, with so many critical issues clamoring to be addressed.

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SRM Coronavirus Second Survey Summary | More of the Same

Posted by Michael Carter on Oct 6, 2020 9:00:00 AM

Second Survey – More of the Same

In the early stages of the US coronavirus pandemic, SRM reached out to banks and credit unions to gather insights on initial FI reactions and changes in customer behavior. A previous blog detailed the findings of that March survey.

In late June-mid July, SRM again collected responses on how perspectives had evolved once leaders had more time - and a bit more information - to assess their options. We received an even greater response, with impressive diversity in geographic footprint, asset size, and credit union/bank participation.

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