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Posted by Strategic Resource Management on Jun 19, 2019 9:00:00 AM


One of SRM’s core values is initiative – having the grit and drive to go above and beyond to offer what people need, without needing to be asked. With this value in mind, our very own Kim Hennessy initiated organizing Strategic Resource Management’s companywide service day. On Friday, May 31, SRM reps from our Memphis, Tenn., headquarters as well as offices in Dallas, Philadelphia and the Virgin Islands, all took part in dedicating a day to volunteer with a local nonprofit of their choosing.

The Home Team’s Home Run

In Memphis, the team spent the day volunteering at the Dorothy Day Hospitality House Inc., a family shelter that offers whole families a place to stay together as well as resources to get them back onto their feet. Our mission this particular day was to move a family of five to their new home. Once the truck and necessary tools were in place, the loading and unloading began. The furniture was arranged neatly into the new home after “some assembly required,” which translated to assessing, executing and reassessing three master-level Ikea bedframes. While not typically a tool we use in even our toughest negotiations, a chisel became involved at one point.  After all was said and done, the accomplishments were toasted over several slices of some of the best pie in the Bluff City at the Memphis Pizza Café.

Meanwhile in Philly, St. John and Dallas

While the team from HQ was having a “moving” experience, Brent Lapp in Philadelphia donned a magnificent vest and volunteered at Philabundance. As part of the Feeding America initiative, Philabundance provides food for over 90,000 people each week and distributes more than 24 million pounds of food every year.

On St. John Island in the USVI, 1,617 miles southeast of Philadelphia, Larry Pruss also was showing support for his go-to nonprofit, St. John Rescue, spending his time servicing radio equipment for the community. St. John Rescue is devoted to giving medical support services to St. John’s police, fire, health clinic, national park and EMS personnel.

Back in Dallas, Rebekah Nussbaum applied her service day effort to the Dallas Hebrew Free Loan Association. Using her experience from 18 years of working in the nonprofit sector, Rebekah focused on revitalizing past high-dollar donors. She launched a calling campaign to schedule coffee chats and re-engage with these families, concluding her day’s work by sitting with the organization’s president and brainstorming their interview process for a new area director.

The Bottom Line: John F. Kennedy once famously said, “A rising tide lifts all boats.” Whether it is in our work, for our families or across our communities, the SRM family believes it is important to be part of the effort that produces that rising tide. Most of the time, you get more than you give.  

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