Good News for Banks Looking to Minimize the Impact of the Durbin Amendment

Posted by Strategic Resource Management on Jan 9, 2014 9:00:00 AM

If you are looking for ways to minimize the impact of the Durbin Amendment, we have good news. SRM offers a proven solution to maximize debit card income and measurably improve the bottom line in your debit card portfolio.

In fact, among the dozens of expense categories we analyze, we have found that debit card portfolios currently represent one of the biggest opportunities for savings. Using our proprietary benchmarks on vendor pricing and revenue, we are able to conduct a no-cost assessment of your debit card portfolio vendor contracts to help you identify areas of potential income or savings. SRM can also negotiate and implement initiatives on your behalf.

SRM has already helped many financial institutions take advantage of this opportunity to produce meaningful profits in a short period of time. To learn more, contact SRM today.

Here is what our financial institution clients are saying about SRM:

The president and CEO of a $3 billion bank in Texas enlisted SRM’s services to improve profits for the bank’s debit card portfolio. As a result, the bank realized $5 million in additional profits through cost savings and revenue increase in just three areas. According to the CEO, “SRM brought years of direct experience to the negotiation process that resulted in substantial additional income to the bottom line.”

A $2 billion credit union in Indiana realized impressive cost savings and revenue through three services implemented by SRM. “Because of SRM’s experience in negotiating contracts with card issuers, processors, and ATM vendors, we were able to achieve a combined expense reduction and additional income in excess of $2 million dollars,” said the credit union’s president.

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