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Adapt, Survive, Thrive – Focus on Operational Excellence

Posted by Suzanne Horner on Jun 24, 2020 5:09:02 PM

At SRM Europe, our clientele ranges from music to financial services to food retailing to architecture. And, while all these industries are very diverse, there are commonalities; primarily the need to adapt to change. And, as we’ve recently experienced, change happens, regardless of our level of preparedness; never mind if it happens to be something you never dreamed would occur. It is not unusual for an organisation to shy away from change, as they see change as the inverse of stability. It can be if a business doesn’t prepare for it.

It is good to remember what Leon C. Megginson said about the survival of the fittest, “it’s not the strongest that survive, but the most adaptable”. Companies that wish to remain adaptable must proactively address change. There are businesses, such as SRM Europe, who make it their goal to assist organisations in getting and keeping a handle on the changes heading in their direction. SRM’s proven methodology has done just that for our clients.

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