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Brad Downs

Downs joined SRM as a project manager, just one year after the company was founded by his father, Curtis Downs. By 1999 he had accepted the position as vice president of business development and was promoted to executive vice president a few years later. Downs was named president in 2006, and has since overseen the daily operations of SRM as well as business development for both potential clients and alliance companies.
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Considering an Acquisition? Don’t Overlook Your Vendor Contracts

Posted by Brad Downs on Jul 18, 2017 9:00:00 AM

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Acquisition continues to be a preferred strategy for manufacturers seeking to increase revenue and create long term growth.  Early stages of a merger usually center on factors like strategic fit, market footprint and business integration. There is another less exciting but important factor to consider during these talks: vendor contracts which can cause costly, tactical headaches if not identified early in the process. However, if t

he contracts are assessed early enough in the acquisition process, a company can reap benefits greater than expected through a due diligence process.

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Topics: Manufacturing, Vendors & Contracts

Beware the Perils of Free Money in Vendor Negotiations

Posted by Brad Downs on Apr 27, 2017 10:00:00 AM

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For all procurement executives that oversee vendor relationships, see if this scenario seems familiar: A long-time vendor visits your facility and, unsolicited, offers a contract extension along with attractive incentives; e.g., prebates, rebates, pricing discounts, etc. To date, you’ve enjoyed a good relationship with this partner with no plans to break the contract at expiration, so this provides an opportunity to look like a hero to your facility, bringing in an unexpected windfall to fund other priorities. What could be the downside?

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Topics: Vendors & Contracts