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SRM Perspectives on Key Industry Trends

Money 20/20: Meeting in Person to Tackle Virtual Challenges

How to Renew a Card Processing Contract

How the Global Chip Shortage Could Lead to Headaches for Financial Institutions

What’s Driving the ICBA’s Pivot with Credit Unions Buying Banks

Tech upgrades are coming – but at what cost?

Durbin 2.0 Part II: Who Weighed In and What They Said

Credit Unions and Crypto: Setting the Ground Rules

Budgeting for 2022 | 5 Key Considerations for Your Vendor Contracts

Boosting Growth in a Far-From-Normal Banking Environment

The Four Whys Driving More Buys | Excess Deposit Strategies Add to M&A Trend

Durbin 2.0: Creating Clarity or Confusion?

Apple Pay Later | Will Card Issuers Respond in Time?

The Equation to Boost Account Growth

New OCC Fintech Charter Gives Challengers & Neobanks A Competitive Edge

SRM Mid-Year Trends 2021 | Banks & CUs Perform Balancing Act

Despite Crypto’s Correction, No Change to Fundamentals

How FIs are Exploring Fintech

Pandemic Impacts to Consumer Banking Behavior | SRM Academy Survey Analysis

Defining Decentralized Finance (DeFi) | What It Means for the Future of Banking

Digital Banking Dispatches from the Beach | On Shoring Up Your Virtual Identity

Three Ways to Rebuild Financial Institution Operations in 2021

Major Mergers Signal Surge of Regional Bank Consolidations

Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) Take the Global Payments Stage | Defining the Crypto Role for Banks and Credit Unions

Hope for the Best, Plan for the Rest | Three Scenarios for Operational Excellence

The Latest Evolution in the Battle to Regulate Payments

How Lending Institutions Can Leverage Data and Benchmarks to Boost Performance

Optimizing PIN Networks for New Forecasts | Planning for Post-Pandemic Consumer Payments

Open Banking | SRM 2021 Trends Part 3

Banking on a Good Problem to Have | The Deposit Influx Wave

Three Virtual Ways to Continue Doing Business at CUNA GAC and Other National 2021 Conferences

The 2021 Outlook | A Return to Normal, Without Returning to the Past? Part 2

Recalibrating for COVID-19 | Long-Term Planning in Short-Term Uncertainty

The 2021 Outlook | Will Banking Return to Normal, Without Returning to the Past?

PayPal’s Bitcoin Embrace - Should Banks Be Jealous?

Show Me the Budget | Five COVID-19 Savings and Revenue Strategies

The “Who What When” of Banking Vendor M&A | SRM Academy Timeline Infographic

Automated Invoice Auditing | New Roads with Rochdale

Connecting with Consumers | Contactless Payments Are Becoming Critical

The Social-Distanced Playing Field for Modern Banking

Are the Battleships Sailing Toward New Targets?

How the 2020 Election Will Impact 2021 Payments Strategies

SRM Coronavirus Second Survey Summary | More of the Same

Google Checking | More Questions Than Answers

1st Bank of Sea Isle City Case Study | Negotiating an Incumbent Core Vendor Deal

Can You Spare Some Change? | A Broader Perspective of the US Coin Shortage

Top-of-Wallet Status | Do Card Issuers Have a Hidden Advantage?

Data Literacy | The Modern Banker’s Required Reading

Change is Good, You Go First | Adapting and Improving Operational Efficiency

Three Months Older and a Bit Wiser on COVID-19

5 Ideas to Keep Product Roadmaps Aligned in Vendor Management Talks

Coming Covid-19 Impacts to Card Portfolios

COVID-19 Impacts – SRM Vendor Invoice Tracking Data Trend Analysis

Banks and Credit Unions: Wake Up to the Needs of Your Small Businesses

One Does Not Simply Switch Core Systems After COVID-19

Byte by Byte: Assembling a Foundation for the Now Normal Post-COVID-19

Banking to Post-Pandemic Consumers | SRM Academy Expert Summary

COVID-19’s Digital Transformation Wrecking Ball

Adapting to Impacts of COVID-19 in Your Card Branding Agreements

What a Decade’s Difference Means to Your Card Branding Agreements

Automated Credit Decisioning: Set It but Don’t Forget It

SRM Clients Weigh in on Expected COVID-19 Impacts

Preparing Your Financial Institution for COVID-19 Impacts

The Double-Edged Sword of Technical Debt

8 Rules of Engagement for Vendor Negotiation Strategy

No Sign of Payments Slowdown in Latest Fed Research

Visa and Plaid, The New Face of Payments Consolidation?

New Decade, Added Focus: Banking Trends for 2020 and Beyond

PNC v. Venmo: Drawing a Line in the P2P Sand

Data Sharing – Model Agreement or Trojan Horse?

Vendor Contract Management in a Recession – How Will Fintechs Fare?

Are Vendor Contract Management Gaps Costing You Millions?

A Reflection within the Payments Pond: Response to Money 20/20

Artificial Intelligence - Not Just for the 800-Pound Gorillas

Taking the Fear Out of Artificial Intelligence

Budgeting & Vendor Management Amid Election Year Chaos

Cash: Alive and Kicking

Chase Pay’s Demise and Apple Card’s Denim Aversion

The Apple Card and Payments Disruption

Contactless Cards: Is the Train Leaving the Station?

Four Must-Haves for Banking Generation Z

Does Experience Matter in Vendor Cost Benchmarking?

What If Vendor Contract Management Could Save You Money?

Automating Vendor Invoice Auditing Delivers 44% Cost Savings

Deciphering the 2019 FED Debit Card Interchange Report

What “Logan Lucky” Can Teach Us About Cashless Retail

How Are 2019’s Biggest Trends Driving Vendor Contract Decisions?

What to Make of Your Digital Banking Decisions as NCR Acquires D3

Nobody Talks About Voice (Technology) Anymore

SRM’s Day of Service

Dissecting the TSYS/Global Payments Deal

Open Banking: Two Continents, Two Agendas

Venmo v. Zelle: Who’s Winning the P2P War? And Who Cares?

Planning Your Digital Transformation Journey

Three Things We’ve Learned from the UK in Year One of Open Banking

Responding to the FDIC’s Letter to Avoid Vendor Contract Gaps

Digital Walk to Starbucks: Mobile Banking & Payments Change Everything

Rapid Response: FIS Acquires Worldpay

Will Emotional Ties to Cash Be Overcome by Convenience of Card Payments?

Unmasking the Blind Spots in Vendor Negotiations

The Cautionary Tale of Robinhood and Its Dealings With Financial Regulations

There’s Nothing Artificial about AI’s Potential

What Critics Say about a Cashless Society

Across the Pond, a Cashless Society is the Trend

Four Digital Trends Disrupting the Payments Landscape

Low-Cost Deposits: Banking’s New Battleground

Impact of Fiserv’s First Data Acquisition

News from the Interchange Wars

Trending in 2019: Tipping Points for Banking Breakthroughs

The ABCs of RFPs for Financial Institutions

The Promises of Technology in Your Next Strategic Sourcing Decisions

How Hitting the $10 Billion Threshold Impacts Vendor Management

Think Through Your ATM Strategy While Tackling Windows 10

How to Run an RFP for Your Digital Banking Strategy

How Do You PAU? Optimizing Your Debit Card Program

Can Vendor Cost Benchmarking Help Find Scarce Budget Dollars?

How to Make Benchmarks Less Tricky in Vendor Contract Negotiations

Keeping an Open Mind on Open Banking

Voice Technology: Ready for Prime Time in Your Vendor Contracts?

In the Spirit of Budget Season, Some Vendor Contract Management Basics

Vendor Contract Basics to Sidestep “Doctor No” This Budget Season

3 Ways an Institution’s Size Impacts Vendor Management

Are Biometrics Going Mainstream? Perhaps You Won’t Notice

An Enterprise Payments Strategy: Not Just for the Behemoths

The Not-So-Boring News on Debit Card Interchange

Education, Philanthropy and Fishing

A Brave New Banking World: AI Can Be Helpful, With Guardrails

Mid-Year Snapshot: Institutions Amp Up Digital Determination

Four Reasons Not To Neglect the Contract Auto-Renewal Cycle

Reading Between the Lines of the Secure Payments Partnership

The Digital Transformation of Financial Services

How Would You Use a Few Hundred Thousand Dollars of Found Money?

Taking SRM’s Contract Negotiation Expertise Across the Pond

Sourcing the Next Generation of Digital Banking, Part 2

Sourcing the Next Generation of Digital Banking, Part 1

Pushing Buttons: The Devil in the Details of Standardizing Online Payments

Overwhelmed by Your Next Vendor Contract Renewal?

Has “Fintegration” Gone Too Far?

How to Maximize Value in Vendor Relationships

CBA LIVE 2018: Why Digital and Security Driver Growth

Why It’s Time Your Institution Should Stop Trying to be Like Amazon

A Case Study in Why Vendor Contract Negotiation Details Matter

What United States Financial Institution Leaders Can Learn From Canada

How Can Banks and Credit Unions Tap Into the AI Revolution?

What You Lose By Negotiating Your Own Card Agreements

Vendor Cost Benchmarking —How to Simplify a Grueling Task

Can You Swipe Me Now? – Choosing the Right PIN Network

Navigating the Complexity of Vendor Contract Negotiation 

Always Vigilant: The Potential Cost of Not Auditing Vendor Invoices

The Importance of Healthy Vendor Contract Relationships

25 Years Ago Our Business Began with a Pivot, We’ve Never Looked Back

What You Don’t Know About Regulatory Changes Can Help You

One Term, Many Meanings: Understanding Your Vendor Contracts

Vendor Contract Negotiations: In Pursuit of a Win/Win

What’s Trending in Vendor Contract Management? Trimming Branches via E-Tellers

The Core System Conundrum

“Trust, but Verify” – When Managing Vendor Contract Negotiations

The Next Generation of Mobile Banking

Analyzing The Fed’s Study on Debit-Interchange Fees

How the iPhone Changed Banking and Vendor Contract Negotiations

Revenue-Enhancement Services: Why $8 Billion is the New $10 Billion

How Vendor Contract Management Can Help You This Budget Season

Core Conversions: Are Financial Institutions in Denial or Pursuing New Approaches

How Tech Trends Lead to Longer Vendor Contract Rosters

Regulations Are a Fact Of Life: Don’t Let Vendor Contract Management Create More Expenses

Never Sign a Vendor Contract Amendment without Vetting it

Proceed with Caution on Vendor Contract Changes – A Real World Example

Key Takeaways from NAFCU’s 50th Annual Conference & Solutions Expo

What to Consider When Working With FinTechs

How to Cost Effectively Monitor Vendor Contracts

4 Questions to Ask Your Next Strategic Sourcing Partner

Revenue-Enhancement Services: Demystifying Debit Interchange

On the Acquisition Trail? Don’t Overlook Your Vendor Contracts

The Power of the Bid in Vendor Contract Negotiations

Strategic Sourcing: FinTech Buying Practices for Banks & Credit Unions

Contract Management: Dealing with a Growing Number of Vendors

Managing Vendor Relationships During Contract Negotiations

Expecting Regulation Reform? What it Means for Your Vendor Contracts

When is the Right Time to Start Vendor Contract Negotiations

Vendor Contract Management: Beware the Perils of Free Money

Save Big This Budget Season: 5 Questions to Ask

Payments and the Underbanked: The Importance of Reaching Millennials

Finding Additional Revenue Sources in the Nation’s Underbanked

Effectively Manage Vendor Contracts During a Merger or Acquisition

Enhancing Profitability to Prepare for New Capital Rules

The 7 Most Expensive Vendor Management Mistakes

Embracing a Regulatory Expectation That Actually Saves Money

Lights, Camera, Corporate Selfie?

NAFCU Services Partners with Strategic Resource Management for Vendor Cost Benchmarking and Negotiation Services for Credit Unions

New Jersey Bankers Association has a new partner.

ECUC has a new partner.

Banks and Retailers Implementing EMV Technology

SRM executive comments on Apple Pay™ negotiations

Reaction Mixed to Proposed Changes to Dodd-Frank

The Year of Payments Chaos: Onsite Coverage

Credit Unions Rev Up EMV Migration

Two ATM Giants Renew Surcharge – Free Deal

CNP Fraud Rapidly Rising Irrespective of EMV Adoption

The Countdown to EMV: A New eBook from Pymnts.com

Smart Card Alliance Supports Federal Government’s BuySecure Initiative

Strategic Resource Management Sees Continued Card Portfolio Income Opportunities for Banks and Credit Unions

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